Why choose LevelUp?

LevelUp offers better services at lower price. We work for your success. ‘Success requires more than academics’

How effective an online tutoring system can be?

Most students new to online tutoring immediately feel enthusiastic and engaged through media which are familiar to them. Working on a whiteboard shared in real time with the tutor encourages students to focus and work hard whilst enjoying what they do, and hence develop an excellent attitude towards learning. There is certainly no compromise in online lessons version in-person lessons.

How long is each class?

Each class is guaranteed 55 minutes of active teaching time. After that, teachers may take a few minutes to leave comments. The total time commitment is 60 minutes per class, not including preparation time. Three minutes are also allotted for possible tech problems before a class is cancelled.

What browser do I need to use for LevelUp online tutoring?

Our online tutoring platform works on Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Safari (iOS 10+) and Edge. Internet Explorer 11 and older browsers are supported but without video.

 Are headphones with microphone and pen tablets necessary?

The use of headphones with a microphone greatly improves the audio communication.
Handwriting should be encouraged given that school work, homework assignment and exams are predominantly on paper. Handwriting on the whiteboard is made much easier through the use of a pen tablet (e.g. Parblo or Wacom) or through a touch screen laptop. For Math and Sciences related tutoring, a pen tablet or stylus is recommended for effective and efficient online tutoring.

How can parents monitor an online session?

Parents can be present in the same room with their child, can be connected to our online tutoring platform from another location, or can view a whiteboard recording afterwards. They can also maintain frequent e-mail or phone contact with the tutor.

What can go wrong in an online session?

Problems with online tutoring sessions have become increasingly rare as internet connections have improved. For those occasional instances when the internet connection does drop it is advisable to have another way of communicating so that student and tutor could agree to continue the lesson at another time, or just wait for the connection to be restored.